Discover Palgrave


From cartoons, to watercolours, oils, pottery, ceramics, wire sculptures and wicker animals, together with informative talks on local and church history, the three weekends of Discover Palgrave, showcased the village and highlighted the amazing talent that we have, both in the village and locally. The main aim of bringing the community together to immerse themselves in an eclectic mix of culture and art, was met and all the events can be declared a huge success. A bonus of course, is the thousands of pounds of arts and crafts sold, and the contribution that has made to the PDCC funds.

There are no words adequate enough to express our gratitude to the organisers; Jane McClintock, Jenny Goater and Mike Webb- a special thanks to them all for their hard work and dedication.

See the slide show above to look at just some of the items that were on display.



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