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All Done!- Now we sit back and wait.

The weekend of the 25th of September saw the final preparation and sowing of the wildflower area at the Playing Field.

Getting rid of the brambles and weeds, clearing the debris and cultivating the area has taken nearly 2 years to complete, but we have finally made it.

The establishment of a wildflower meadow will take some years, but it will offer a diverse, and exceptionally attractive habitat. The plant diversity attracts insects and other invertebrates (including butterflies, bees, spiders and millipedes), birds and mammals and the flowering species will add a changing palate of colour to our local environment throughout the seasons, for the pleasure of young and old alike.

This project has been completed by volunteers through grant funding, for the benefit of all the village and we hope all ages will enjoy the space for years to come, we hope that in particular the houses that back on to the playing field will have the benefit of of such a rich and diverse natural habitat on their doorsteps.

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