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All Palgrave residents are invited to enjoy the use of any of the facilities, including the hall, play area and playing field, but becoming a member does allow some additional privileges, including reduced costs for entrance fees at some events.

By becoming a member or supporter your contribution goes towards the running of the Centre and to a large part, guarantees the sustainability of the facilities for the enjoyment of all residents.  

Membership can also bring real benefits to the work of the Centre as members can be active in shaping the agenda and objectives of the charity, and through their vote, ensure that the Trustee Committee is refreshed and its accountability to its members maintained. 

Membership runs from 1st October to 30th September each year.

Fees are £10 per year

(pro rata rates apply if joining during the year) October- March - £10 ~ April- September - £5

If you wish to become a member and support the Charity  please contact Helen Thorburn membership secretary01379 651749

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